Bird Headphones (Okay!)

Home Hive (Instructions for Hive and Spine)

Eggshell Hat (Okay!)

Butterfly Box (Instructions for Flight)

Wings, Pins, Spine (Okay!)

Butterfly Spine (Happy Thoughts)

Shell, Wing, Shoes (okay!)

Foot Hives (Instructions for Hive and Spine)

HivePrint Stand (everything is Here)

Voyeurs (Cassandra's Explanatinon)

Nocturnal Bones (Cassandra's Explanatinon)

Inside I Carry (Cassandra's Explanatinon)

Imagined Reflection (Cassandra's Explanation)

Forces, Gaze (Cassandra's Explanation)

Cassandra's Collections (Sight) (Cassandra's Explanation)

Cassandra's Collections (Sight), detail (Cassandra's Explanation)

Becoming (Cassandra's Explanation)

Flux (Cassandra's Explanation)