Joanne Grüne-Yanoff is a visual artist internationally recognized for poetic works that examine the individual’s charged relationship with the outside world. She employs a variety of media to tell stories of hidden narratives. Her exhibitions interweave sound, video, sculpture and wall works to immerse the viewer in a sensory experience that is both intimate and universal.

Joanne Grüne-Yanoff currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.


2018 Cassandra’s Explanation (salves and incantations), Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna, Sweden

2017 Incantations, Nordic Stories Contemporary Art, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Kafka Fragmente Set Design, Dramaten, Stockholm

2016 Supermarket Art Fair/Detroit Stockholm, Stockholm

2015 Galleri Couture, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 IFAC Arts, New York City

2015 Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
2015 Satellite Berlin, Berlin
2014 Detroit Stockholm, Stockholm
2013 Galerie Helga Maria Bischoff, Berlin
2012 Bergman Berglind Contemporary Art, Luxembourg
2011 Galerie Helga Maria Bischoff, Berlin, Germany
2011 City Art Museum/Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary, Savonlinna, Finland
2011 TiefimBlut Kunstkontor, Berlin, Germany
2010 Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Lemmons Contemporary, NYC
Liljevalchs Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 2006 Traces, Lemmons Contemporary, New York City
Home, Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia
2005 Tongue Ties, Lemmons Contemprary, NYC
2004 Tongue Ties, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Galisteo, NM
2003 Scratch,Linda Durham Contemporary Art, New York, NY
2000 In (vulnerable)Nikolai Fine Art, New York, New York
(In) vulnerable, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia
1999 Chess Fetish, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Galisteo, NM
1998 Sneaky Walls, Quartersaw Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1997 Ecdysis, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Galisteo, NM
Ecdysis II, Offsite, Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Skin, Pentimenti Gallery, Piladelphia


2018 Museu Quinta da Cruz, Viseu, Portugal

2017 Alma Löv Museum, Värmland, Sweden

2016 Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland

2016 Edsvik Konsthall, Sweden
2015 Detroit Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 TiefimBlut Kunstkontor, Berlin, Germany
2008 Lemmons Contemporary, NYC
2007 Lemmons Contemporary, NYC
2006 Remnants, Lemmons Contemporary, NYC
We’d Rather Not Tell You, Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia
2005 Lemmons Contemporary, NYC
Ritter Zamet, London, UK
2004 Sticks and Stones, Philadelphia
Nude, Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia
Art Chicago
2003 Best in Show, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia
Art Chicago 2003
2002 Fresh Eyes, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, NYC
Art Chicago 2002
Art Köln, Cologne, Germany
2001 20+1, Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai, China
Art Miami 2001, Miami Beach, Florida
Art Chicago 2001
2000 Art Miami 2000
Art Chicago 2000Contemporary Art,
White, Nikolai Fine Art, NYC
1999 Linda Durhamn Contemporary Art, Galisteo, NM
Surface Structure, Nikolai Fine Art, NYC
Back in Five Gone to Hobb* Lobb*, Plan B
Art Chicago 1999
Art Santa Fe 1999
1998 Art Chicago 1998
1997 Art Chicago 1997







Joanne Grüne-Yanoff says it’s “Okay!” – and glam! it is.



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